Creating a SnapLock security administrator account

You must have SnapLock security administrator privileges to perform a SnapLock volume move. This privilege is granted to you with the snaplock role, introduced in ONTAP 9.8. If you have not already been assigned that role, you can ask your cluster administrator to create a SnapLock security user with this SnapLock security role.

Before you begin

About this task

The snaplock role is associated with the cluster SVM, unlike the vsadmin-snaplock role, which is associated with the data SVM.


Create an SVM administrator account with the SnapLock administrator role: security login create -vserver SVM_name -user-or-group-name user_or_group_name -application application -authmethod authentication_method -role role -comment comment

The following command enables the SVM administrator account SnapLockAdmin with the predefined snaplock role to access the SVM SVM2 using a password:

cluster1::> security login create -vserver SVM2 -user-or-group-name SnapLockAdmin -application ssh -authmethod password -role snaplock