Autocommitting files to WORM

The SnapLock autocommit feature enables you to commit files to WORM automatically.

Before you begin

Note: The SnapLock autocommit feature scans through all of the files in the volume and commits a file if it meets the autocommit requirement. There might be a time interval between when the file is ready for autocommit and when it is actually committed by the SnapLock autocommit scanner. However, the file is still protected from modifications and deletion by the file system as soon as it is eligible for autocommit.

About this task

The autocommit period specifies the amount of time that files must remain unchanged before they are autocommitted. Changing a file before the autocommit period has elapsed restarts the autocommit period for the file.

The following table shows the possible values for the autocommit period:

Value Unit Notes
none - The default.
5 - 5256000 minutes -
1 - 87600 hours -
1 - 3650 days -
1 - 120 months -
1 - 10 years -
Note: The minimum value is 5 minutes and the maximum value is 10 years.


Autocommit files on a SnapLock volume to WORM: volume snaplock modify -vserver SVM_name -volume volume_name -autocommit-period autocommit_period
For a complete list of options, see the man page for the command.

The following command autocommits the files on volume vol1 of SVM vs1, as long as the files remain unchanged for 5 hours:

cluster1::>volume snaplock modify -vserver vs1 -volume vol1 -autocommit-period 5hours