Creating a replication job schedule

You can use the job schedule cron create command to create a replication job schedule. The job schedule determines when SnapMirror automatically updates the data protection relationship to which the schedule is assigned.

About this task

You assign a job schedule when you create a data protection relationship. If you do not assign a job schedule, you must update the relationship manually.


Create a job schedule: job schedule cron create -name job_name -month month -dayofweek day_of_week -day day_of_month -hour hour -minute minute
For -month, -dayofweek, and -hour, you can specify all to run the job every month, day of the week, and hour, respectively.
The following example creates a job schedule named my_weekly that runs on Saturdays at 3:00 a.m.:
cluster_dst::> job schedule cron create -name my_weekly -dayofweek "Saturday" -hour 3 -minute 0