Fan-out and cascade data protection deployments

You can use a fan-out deployment to extend data protection to multiple secondary systems. You can use a cascade deployment to extend data protection to tertiary systems.

Both fan-out and cascade deployments support any combination of SnapMirror DR, SnapVault, or unified replication; however, SnapMirror Synchronous relationships (supported starting with ONTAP 9.5) support only fan-out deployments with one or more asynchronous SnapMirror relationships and do not support cascade deployments. Only one relationship in the fan-out configuration can be a SnapMirror Synchronous relationship, all the other relationships from the source volume must be asynchronous SnapMirror relationships.

Note: You can use a fan-in deployment to create data protection relationships between multiple primary systems and a single secondary system. Each relationship must use a different volume on the secondary system.