Enabling storage efficiency on a FlexGroup volume

You can run deduplication and data compression together or independently on a FlexGroup volume to achieve optimal space savings.

Before you begin

The FlexGroup volume must be online.


  1. Enable storage efficiency on the FlexGroup volume: volume efficiency on -vserver svm_name -volume volume_name
    Storage efficiency operations are enabled on all the constituents of the FlexGroup volume.
    If a FlexGroup volume is expanded after storage efficiency is enabled on the volume, storage efficiency is automatically enabled on the new constituents.
  2. Enable the required storage efficiency operation on the FlexGroup volume by using the volume efficiency modify command.
    You can enable inline deduplication, postprocess deduplication, inline compression, and postprocess compression on FlexGroup volumes. You can also set the type of compression (secondary or adaptive) and specify a schedule or efficiency policy for the FlexGroup volume.

  3. If you are not using schedules or efficiency policies for running the storage efficiency operations, start the efficiency operation: volume efficiency start -vserver svm_name -volume volume_name
    If deduplication and data compression are enabled on a volume, data compression is run initially followed by deduplication. This command fails if any efficiency operation is already active on the FlexGroup volume.
  4. Verify the efficiency operations that are enabled on the FlexGroup volume: volume efficiency show -vserver svm_name -volume volume_name
    cluster1::> volume efficiency show -vserver vs1 -volume fg1
                 Vserver Name: vs1                       
                  Volume Name: fg1                   
                  Volume Path: /vol/fg1              
                        State: Enabled                   
                       Status: Idle                      
                     Progress: Idle for 17:07:25         
                         Type: Regular                   
                     Schedule: sun-sat@0                 
                 Compression: true                       
          Inline Compression: true                       
    Incompressible Data Detection: false                 
          Constituent Volume: false                      
    Compression Quick Check File Size: 524288000         
               Inline Dedupe: true                       
             Data Compaction: false