Reinstalling the controller module and setting time/date after RTC battery replacement

After you replace a component within the controller module, you must reinstall the controller module in the system chassis, reset the time and date on the controller, and then boot it.

About this task

You can use the following animation or the written steps to install the controller module in the chassis.


  1. If you have not already done so, close the air duct or controller module cover.
  2. Align the end of the controller module with the opening in the chassis, and then gently push the controller module halfway into the system.
    Do not completely insert the controller module in the chassis until instructed to do so.
  3. Recable the system, as needed.
    If you removed the media converters (QSFPs or SFPs), remember to reinstall them if you are using fiber optic cables.
  4. If the power supplies were unplugged, plug them back in and reinstall the power cable retainers.
  5. Complete the installation of the controller module:
    1. Using the locking latches, firmly push the controller module into the chassis until it meets the midplane and is fully seated.
      The locking latches rise when the controller module is fully seated.
      Note: Do not use excessive force when sliding the controller module into the chassis to avoid damaging the connectors.

      The controller module begins to boot as soon as it is fully seated in the chassis. Be prepared to interrupt the boot process.

    2. Fully seat the controller module in the chassis by rotating the locking latches upward, tilting them so that they clear the locking pins, gently push the controller all the way in, and then lower the locking latches into the locked position.
    3. If you have not already done so, reinstall the cable management device.
    4. Interrupt the normal boot process and boot to LOADER by pressing Ctrl-C.
      Note: If your system stops at the boot menu, select the option to boot to LOADER.
  6. Reset the time and date on the controller:
    1. Check the date and time on the healthy node with the show date command.
    2. At the LOADER prompt on the target node, check the time and date.
    3. If necessary, modify the date with the set date mm/dd/yyyy command.
    4. If necessary, set the time, in GMT, using the set time hh:mm:ss command.
    5. Confirm the date and time on the target node.
  7. At the LOADER prompt, enter bye to reinitialize the PCIe cards and other components and let the node reboot.
  8. Return the node to normal operation by giving back its storage: storage failover giveback -ofnode impaired_node_name
  9. If automatic giveback was disabled, reenable it: storage failover modify -node local -auto-giveback true