Completing system setup and configuration using a Windows or Mac laptop

If you are using a Windows or Mac-based laptop or console, you can complete system setup and configuration using automatic cluster discovery.


  1. Plug the power cords into the controller power supplies, and then connect them to power sources on different circuits.
    The system begins to boot. Initial booting may take up to eight minutes
  2. Make sure that your laptop has network discovery enabled.
    See your laptop’s online help for more information.
  3. Connect your laptop to the Management switch.

  4. Go to network devices, and then double-click the ONTAP icon.
    Note: XXXXX is the system serial number for the target node.

    System Manager opens.
  5. Use System Manager guided setup to configure your system using the data you collected in the Cluster configuration worksheet.
  6. Verify the health of your system by running Config Advisor.
  7. After you have completed the initial configuration, go to the NetApp ONTAP Resources page for information about configuring additional features in ONTAP.