About this procedure

When additional storage is needed, you can hot-add IOM12 shelves (SAS shelves with IOM12 modules) to a stack of IOM6 shelves (SAS shelves with IOM6 modules), meaning you can mix a stack.

Note: If you are hot-adding shelves to a bridge-attached MetroCluster configuration, see following section in the MetroCluster Expansion and Service Guide before performing this procedure.

Hot-adding an IOM12 disk shelf to a stack of IOM6 disk shelves in a bridge-attached MetroCluster configuration


  1. Requirements for a hot-add
  2. Considerations for a hot-add
  3. Preparing to manually assign drive ownership for a hot-add
  4. Installing shelves for a hot-add
  5. Cabling shelves for a hot-add
  6. Completing the hot-add