Removing ownership of disks attached to the new nodes

If the new nodes have internal disks or add-on shelves attached to the system, these can interfere with the controller upgrade. Use the following steps to remove ownership of any new disks that came with node3/node4.

About this task

These steps are performed on node3 and node4 one after the other. The node sequence does not matter.
Note: The shelves from node1 and node2 are not physically connected to node3 and node4 at this stage.


  1. At the LOADER prompt of the node, enter the command: boot_ontap menu
  2. At the boot menu prompt, enter 9a and then press Enter.

    The following screen shows the boot menu prompt.

    Please choose one of the following:
        (1) Normal Boot.
        (2) Boot without /etc/rc.
        (3) Change password.
        (4) Clean configuration and initialize all disks.
        (5) Maintenance mode boot.
        (6) Update flash from backup config.
        (7) Install new software first.
        (8) Reboot node.
        (9) Configure Advanced Drive Partitioning.
        Selection (1-9)?  9a
  3. Remove disk ownership by entering y when you see a prompt similar to the following:
    ########## WARNING ##########
    This is a disruptive operation and will result in the
        loss of all filesystem data. Before proceeding further,
        make sure that:
        1) This option (9a) has been executed or will be executed
        on the HA partner node, prior to reinitializing either
        system in the HA-pair.
        2) The HA partner node is currently in a halted state or
        at the LOADER prompt.
        Do you still want to continue (yes/no)? yes
    The system removes disk ownership and returns to the boot menu.
  4. At the boot menu, enter 5 to go to maintenance mode.
  5. In maintenance mode, run the disk show command.
    No disks should be listed.
  6. Run the command: disk show -a
    All listed disks should be unassigned.
  7. Exit maintenance mode: halt