Enabling the Active IQ collector service for SolidFire all-flash storage

You can enable storage telemetry (the Active IQ collector service) for your SolidFire all-flash storage if you did not already do so during installation or upgrade. The AIQ collector service forwards configuration data and Element software-based cluster performance metrics to NetApp SolidFire Active IQ for historical reporting and near real-time performance monitoring.

Before you begin


  1. Open the REST API UI on the management node: https://[management node IP]/mnode
  2. Click Authorize and submit credentials to log in.
    Note: Alternately, you can click on a lock icon next to any service API to authorize.
  3. Click GET /assets.
  4. Copy the value for "id" for the base asset to your clipboard:
    Note: A base asset and sub-assets were created when you ran the upgrade or setup scripts during management node installation or upgrade.
  5. Configure the base asset:
    1. Click PUT /assets/{asset_id}.
    2. Click Try it out.
    3. Enter the following in the JSON payload:
          "telemetry_active": true
          "config": {}
    4. Enter the ID from the base asset step in asset_ID.
    5. Click Execute.

      The Active IQ service is automatically restarted whenever assets are changed. Modifying assets results in a short delay before settings are applied.