Editing an account

You can edit an account to change the status, change the CHAP secrets, or modify the account name.

About this task

Modifying CHAP settings in an account or removing initiators or volumes from an access group can cause initiators to lose access to volumes unexpectedly. To verify that volume access will not be lost unexpectedly, always log out iSCSI sessions that will be affected by an account or access group change, and verify that initiators can reconnect to volumes after any changes to initiator settings and cluster settings have been completed.


  1. Select Management > Accounts.
  2. Click the Actions icon for an account.
  3. In the resulting menu, select Edit.
  4. Optional: Edit the Username.
  5. Optional: Click the Status drop-down list and select a different status.
    Attention: Changing the status to locked terminates all iSCSI connections to the account, and the account is no longer accessible. Volumes associated with the account are maintained; however, the volumes are not iSCSI discoverable.
  6. Optional: Under CHAP Settings, edit the Initiator Secret and Target Secret credentials used for node session authentication.
    Note: If you do not change the CHAP Settings credentials, they remain the same. If you make the credentials fields blank, the system generates new passwords.
  7. Click Save Changes.