Per-node cluster settings details

You can modify the cluster settings for a node. You can view the Cluster Settings tab after you log in to the node.

The following list describes the cluster settings for a node that you can modify:
Role the node has in the cluster; it can be one of the following values:
  • Storage: Storage or Fibre Channel node.
  • Management: Node is a management node.
Name of the node.
Name of the cluster.
Cluster Membership
State of the node; it can be one of the following values:
  • Available: The node has no associated cluster name and is not yet part of a cluster.
  • Pending: The node is configured and can be added to a designated cluster. Authentication is not required to access the node.
  • PendingActive: The system is in the process of installing compatible software on the node. When complete, the node will move to the Active state.
  • Active: The node is participating in a cluster. Authentication is required to modify the node.
Version of the Element software running on the node.
Node that are part of the database ensemble.
Node ID
ID assigned when a node is added to the cluster.
Cluster Interface
Network interface used for cluster communication.
Management Interface
Management network interface. This defaults to Bond1G but can also use Bond10G.
Storage Interface
Storage network interface using Bond10G.