What's new in Element 11.3P1

NetApp Element 11.3 includes important changes in management node requirements and features, as well as CHAP volume authentication improvements. NetApp Element 11.3P1 resolves an issue caused by false positive NVDIMM errors on H610S storage nodes. Element 11.3P1 replaces and enhances functionality provided by Element 11.3.

New cluster hardware event

Element 11.3P1 suppresses up to three false positive NVDIMM errors and logs each suppression as an event in the event log. These events appear with the text "Suppressing NVDIMM status result as false positive". You can view the event log in the Element web UI under Reporting > Event Log and with the ListEvents API method.

Configurable TLS ciphers

You can now configure the default TLS ciphers for the API and web UIs (port 443 and 442) using Element API methods (GetActiveTlsCiphers, GetSupportedTlsCiphers, and SetSupplementalTlsCiphers). The default cipher list now only includes high-strength ciphers.

CHAP volume authentication enhancements

With Element 11.3P1, CHAP authentication now supports initiator-based authentication, which enables CHAP to be used with volume access groups on a per-initiator basis.

Documentation updates

The SolidFire Documentation Center features a new delivery format for Element software documentation. The SolidFire Documentation Center provides an easy-to-use interface that enables you to access all Element software documentation from one place.

Group snapshot improvements

Group snapshots are now created on the replication target cluster after all constituent snapshots are replicated to the destination. This feature is enabled by default on all group snapshots marked for replication after both clusters are upgraded to Element 11.3P1.

Management node changes

The Element 11.3P1 management node is based on a new modular architecture which uses containers to provide individual services. Element 11.3P1 is the first release of this new architecture, and not all services have been migrated to containers. With this change, some of the configuration points of the management node are different from previous versions. Specifically, some services are now configurable via a REST API which includes a UI for easy access. Other changes include:
  • You can add a proxy server to the configuration through installation or upgrade scripts or using a management service REST API from the management node. sfsetproxy is no longer used.
  • You can enable Active IQ telemetry using installation and upgrade scripts. You can enable or modify the service after upgrade and installation using management service REST APIs.
  • You can restore configuration data if the management node VM is removed or lost. When a connected Element volume is used to store configuration data, a replacement management node VM can reconnect to and recover configuration data for the lost VM.
  • IPv6 addressing is not supported. If IPv6 is required, continue to use the Element 11.1 management node.

TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are now disabled

Beginning with Element 11.3P1, TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are now disabled on all Element software webservers.