Upgrading storage nodes

You must use the HealthTools suite of tools to upgrade storage node software. You must use management node 11.0, 11.1, or later to use the latest HealthTools suite of tools.

The software upgrade process includes the following tasks.

Upgrade workflow diagram

There are two management node upgrades depicted in the workflow. The first upgrade is necessary if you do not have management node 11.0 or 11.1. You must have one of these versions to download the latest HealthTools. The second management node upgrade to version 11.5 is optional and can be performed after your cluster has been upgraded to the latest Element version. For management node 11.5 upgrades, see one of the following topics:
Note: Certain operations are suppressed during an upgrade, such as adding and removing nodes, adding and removing drives, and commands associated with initiators, volume access groups, and virtual networks, among others.

Upgrading HealthTools and storage nodes from a dark site involves a different process.