SnapMirror relationship details

The SnapMirror Relationships page on the Data Protection tab provides information about all SnapMirror relationships on the cluster such as endpoint ID, name of destination cluster, and name of destination volume.

Endpoint ID
The ID of the endpoint.
Source Cluster
Name of the source cluster.
Source Volume
Name of the source volume.
Destination Cluster
Name of the destination ONTAP cluster.
Destination Volume
Name of the destination ONTAP volume.
Current relationship state of the destination volume. Possible values are as follows:
  • uninitialized: The destination volume has not been initialized.
  • snapmirrored: The destination volume has been initialized and is ready to receive SnapMirror updates.
  • broken-off: The destination volume is read/write and snapshots are present.

Current status of the relationship. Possible values are idle, transferring, checking, quiescing, quiesced, queued, preparing, finalizing, aborting, and breaking.

Lag Time
The amount of time in seconds that the destination system lags behind the source system. The lag time must be no more than the transfer schedule interval.
Bandwidth Limit
The maximum amount of bandwidth that can be consumed by data transfers associated with this relationship.
Last Transferred
Timestamp of the last transferred snapshot. Click for further information.
Policy Name
The name of the ONTAP SnapMirror policy for the relationship.
Policy Type
Type of ONTAP SnapMirror policy selected for the relationship. Possible values are as follows:
  • async_mirror
  • mirror_vault
Schedule Name
Name of the pre-existing schedule on the ONTAP system selected for this relationship.