Identifying whether nodes are ready for the FIPS drives feature

You should check to see if all nodes in the storage cluster are ready to support FIPS drives by using the NetApp Element software GetFipsReport API method.

About this task

The resulting report shows one of the following statuses:


  1. Using the Element API, check to see if the nodes and drives in the storage cluster are capable of FIPS drives by entering:
  2. Review the results, noting any nodes that did not display a status of Ready.
  3. For any nodes that did not display a Ready status, check to see if the drive is capable of supporting the FIPS drives feature:
    • Using the Element API, enter: GetHardwareList
    • Note the value of the DriveEncryptionCapabilityType. If it is "fips," the hardware can support the FIPS drives feature.
    See details about GetFipsReport or ListDriveHardware in the NetApp Element API Reference Guide.
  4. If the drive cannot support the FIPS drives feature, replace the hardware with FIPS hardware (either node or drives).