Configuring a storage NIC (eth1)

If you are using a second NIC for storage, you can SSH in to the management node or use the vCenter console and run a curl command to set up the network for eth1.

Before you begin


  1. Open an SSH or vCenter console.
  2. Replace the values in the following command template (represented by [ ] brackets) for each of the required parameters for eth0 and eth1:
    Note: The "cluster" object in the following template is optional and can be used for management node host name renaming.
    curl -u [mnode-username]:[mnode-password] --insecure -X POST \
      https://[mnode's management IP]:442/json-rpc/10.0 \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      -H 'cache-control: no-cache' \
      -d '  {
            "params": {
                    "network": {
                            "eth0": {
                                    "address": [eth0 ip (mnode's 
                                                management IP)],
                                    "dns-nameservers": [dns ip or 
                                    "netmask": [eth0 net mask],
                                    "gateway": [gateway IP],
                                    "gatewayV6": ""
                            "eth1": {
                                    "address": [eth1 ip],
                                    "netmask": [eth1 netmask],
                                    "status": "Up",
                                    "method": "static",
                                    "mtu": "9000"
                    "cluster": {
                            "name": [desired mNode vm hostname]
            "method": "SetConfig"
  3. Run the command.