Upgrading H610S storage nodes to Element 11.8 or later

If you are upgrading an H610S series node to Element 11.8 or later, the upgrade process involves two phases. Phase 1 follows the same steps as the standard Element upgrade process. Phase 2 includes steps to perform a complete node shutdown and power disconnect for each H610S node.

Before you begin


  1. (Phase 1) Upgrade your cluster to Element 11.8 or later using the standard process:
    1. Check the Element management node version.

      Determining the Element version on the management node

    2. (For management node 10.x) Migrate your 10.x management node to version 11.x.

      Migrating from management node 10.x to version 11.x

    3. Check the installed version of HealthTools.
    4. Update HealthTools.

      Updating HealthTools

    5. Check for upgrade readiness.

      Checking for upgrade readiness

    6. Upgrade Element software.
      Note: The standard upgrade process to Element 11.8 will install Element Software and all 5 firmware updates in a rolling fashion across the cluster one node at a time. Due to the firmware payload, the process is estimated to take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours per H610S node, including a single cold-boot cycle at the end of the upgrade for each node.
    7. (Optional) Upgrade management node version.
  2. (Phase 2) Complete the power reset process required for each H610S node in the cluster:
    Note: This phase requires on-site personnel.
    Attention: After you complete phase 1, four of the five firmware updates are activated during the cold boot on each H610S node; however, the Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) firmware requires a complete power disconnect and reconnect to fully install. The CPLD firmware update protects against NVDIMM failures and metadata drive eviction during future reboots or power cycles. This power reset is estimated to take approximately one hour per H610S node. It requires shutting down the node, removing power cables or disconnecting power via a smart PDU, waiting approximately 3 minutes, and reconnecting power.
    Note: If the cluster also has non-H610S nodes, these non-H610S nodes are exempt from phase 2 and do not need to be shut down or have their power disconnected.
    1. Contact NetApp Support for assistance and to schedule this upgrade.
    2. Follow the phase 2 upgrade procedure in this supplementary KB for each H610S node.