QoSSIOC settings

The QoSSIOC Settings tab in the NetApp Element Configuration extension point allows you to configure QoSSIOC settings that are used for quality of service (Element storage QoS) based on storage I/O control settings (SIOC) in vCenter. These credentials are required for the QoSSIOC service on the management node to communicate with vCenter. The QoSSIOC service monitors vCenter for VM activity on datastores. After configuring credentials, you can edit these settings to update credentials or clear these settings for a new management node.

QoSSIOC adjusts QoS values on standard Element volumes when virtual machine events occur, such as power on or power off events, guest restarts or shutdown, or reconfiguration activity. QoSSIOC is an optional feature and is not required for the plug-in to manage storage clusters.

QoSSIOC is available only with standard datastores. It does not work with virtual volumes (VVols).

Note: You cannot enable virtual volumes (VVols) functionality or make VVols available to vSphere using the QoSSIOC Settings page. See Element Plug-in for vCenter Server documentation about configuring VVols functionality for more information.

For Linked Mode, the NetApp Element Plug-in for vCenter Server registers all vCenter Servers using the QoSSIOC settings you provide on a single vCenter Server.

The QoSSIOC Status field on the settings page displays the following possible values: