Error message for QoSSIOC status

QoSSIOC status for the plug-in displays a warning icon and error message.
Corrective action
  • Unable to reach IP address

    The IP address is invalid or no responses are received. Verify that the address is correct and that the management node is online and available.

  • Unable to communicate

    The IP address can be reached but calls to the address fail. This might indicate that the QoSSIOC service is not running at the specified address or a firewall might be blocking traffic.

  • Unable to connect to the SIOC service

    Open sioc.log in /opt/solidfire/sioc/data/logs/ on the management node (/var/log or /var/log/solidfire/ on older management nodes) to verify that the SIOC service started successfully. SIOC service startup can take 50 seconds or more. If the service did not start successfully, try again.