Creating a storage container

You can create storage containers from the VVols tab in the NetApp Element Management extension point. You must create at least one storage container to begin provisioning VVol-backed virtual machines.

Before you begin


  1. Select NetApp Element Management > VVols.
    Note: If two or more clusters are added, ensure that the cluster you intend to use for the task is selected in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Storage Containers sub-tab.
  3. Click Create Storage Container.
  4. Enter storage container information in the Create a New Storage Container dialog box:
    1. Enter a name for the storage container.
      Tip: Use descriptive naming best practices. This is especially important if multiple clusters or vCenter Servers are used in your environment.
    2. Configure initiator and target secrets for CHAP.
      Best Practices: Leave the CHAP Settings fields blank to automatically generate secrets.
    3. Optional: Enter a name for the datastore. The Create a datastore check box is selected by default.
      Note: A VVol datastore is required to use the storage container in vSphere. If you choose not to create a datastore, you must create one later using the vSphere New Datastore wizard.
    4. Select one or more hosts for the datastore.
      Note: If you are using vCenter Linked Mode, only hosts available to the vCenter Server to which the cluster is assigned are available to select.
    5. Click OK.
  5. Verify that the new storage container appears in the list in the Storage Containers sub-tab.
    Note: Because a NetApp Element account ID is created automatically and assigned to the storage container, it is not necessary to manually create an account.
  6. Optional: If you selected Create a datastore, verify that the associated datastore has also been created on the selected host in vCenter.