Changing the QoSSIOC service password

You can change the password for the QoSSIOC service using the registration user interface for the management node.

Before you begin

About this task

This process describes how to change the QoSSIOC password only. If you want to change the QoSSIOC user name, you can do so from the QoSSIOC Settings page of the NetApp Element Configuration extension point.


  1. Enter the IP address for your management node in a browser, including the TCP port for registration: https://[management node IP]:9443.

    The registration UI displays the Manage QoSSIOC Service Credentials page for the plug-in.

    Shows the registration utility for the plug-in
  2. Enter the following information:
    • Old Password: The current password of the QoSSIOC service. If you have not yet assigned a password, type the default password: solidfire
      Note: For NetApp HCI deployments, the default password is randomly generated during installation. To determine the password, see the KB article link in Related Information.
    • New Password: The new password for the QoSSIOC service.
    • Confirm Password: Enter the new password again.
  3. Click Submit Changes.
    Note: The QoSSIOC service automatically restarts after you submit changes.
  4. In your vSphere Web Client, select NetApp Element Configuration > QoSSIOC Settings.
  5. Click Actions.
  6. In the resulting menu, select Configure.
  7. In the Configure QoSSIOC Settings dialog box, enter the new password in the QoSSIOC Password field.
  8. Click OK.
    The QoSSIOC Status field displays UP when the plug-in can successfully communicate with the service.