The pendingActiveNode object contains information about a node that is currently in the pendingActive state, between the pending and active states. These are nodes that are currently being returned to the factory software image. Use the ListPendingActiveNodes API method to return a list of this information for all pendingActive nodes.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
activeNodeKey A unique key that allows the node to join the cluster automatically after a successful installation of software. string
assignedNodeID The assigned node ID for the node. string
asyncHandle The asynchronous method handle that you can use to query the status of the operation. integer
cip The cluster IP address assigned to the node. string
mip The management IP address assigned to the node. string
nodeSlot For HCI platforms, the letter corresponding to the chassis slot this node is in ("A", "B", "C", or "D"). For storage platforms, this value is null. string
pendingActiveNodeID The pending node ID of the node. integer
platformInfo Hardware information for the node. Members:
  • chassisType: The hardware platform of the node.
  • cpuModel: The CPU model of the hardware platform.
  • nodeMemoryGB: The amount of memory installed in the physical platform in GB.
  • nodeType: The node model name.
  • platformConfigVersion: The version of software configured for this node hardware.
JSON object
role The node's role in the cluster. Possible values:
  • Management
  • Storage
  • Compute
  • Witness
sip The storage (iSCSI) IP address assigned to the node. string
softwareVersion The current version of Element software running on the node. string