You can use the UpdateBulkVolumeStatus method to update the status of a bulk volume job that you started with the StartBulkVolumeRead or StartBulkVolumeWrite methods.


This method has the following input parameters:

Name Description Type Default value Required
key The key assigned during initialization of a StartBulkVolumeRead or StartBulkVolumeWrite session. string None Yes
status The system sets the status of the given bulk volume job. Possible values:
  • running: Jobs that are still active.
  • complete: Jobs that are done.
  • failed: Jobs that have failed.
string None Yes
percentComplete The completed progress of the bulk volume job as a percentage. string None No
message Returns the status of the bulk volume job when the job has completed. string None No
attributes JSON attributes; updates what is on the bulk volume job. JSON object None No

Return values

This method has the following return values:

Name Description Type
status Status of the session requested. Returned status:
  • preparing
  • active
  • done
  • failed
attributes Returns attributes that were specified in the method call. Values are returned whether they have changed or not. string
url The URL to access the node’s web server; provided only if the session is still active. string

Request example

Requests for this method are similar to the following example:

   "method": "UpdateBulkVolumeStatus",
   "params": {
          "key": "0b2f532123225febda2625f55dcb0448",
	      "status": "running"
   "id": 1

Response example

This method returns a response similar to the following example:

   "id" : 1,
   "result": {
	  "status" : "running",
	  "url" : ""

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