The fault object contains information about faults that are detected in the cluster. The ListClusterFaults method returns cluster fault information.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
clusterFaultID The unique ID associated with each cluster fault. integer
code The fault code for the specific fault that was detected. For further details, see Cluster Fault Codes. string
data Additional fault-specific information. JSON object
date The current time in UTC+0 format. ISO 8601 string
details The description of the fault with additional details. string
driveID The first drive ID in the driveIDs list. If the driveIDs list is empty (which means that no faults were returned that deal with drives), this value is 0. integer
driveIDs A list of driveID values for the drives that this fault refers to. Included for faults dealing with drives. If none, this is an empty array. integer array
nodeHardwareFaultID The identifier assigned to a hardware fault on the cluster. integer
nodeID The node ID for the node that this fault refers to. Included for node and drive faults, otherwise set to 0. integer
resolved The resolved status of the fault. Possible values:
  • true: The fault is no longer detected.
  • false: The fault is still present.
resolvedDate The date and time the fault was resolved. ISO 8601 string
serviceID The service associated with the fault. This value is "0" (zero) if the fault is not associated with a service. integer
severity The severity of the fault. Possible values:
  • warning: A minor issue. The cluster is functioning and upgrades are allowed at this severity level.
  • error: A failure that generally should not affect service (except possible performance degradation or loss of HA). Some features might be disabled.
  • critical: A serious failure that is affecting service. The system is unable to serve API requests or client I/O and is at risk of data loss.
  • bestPractice: Faults triggered by sub-optimal system configuration.
type The type of fault. Possible values:
  • node: A fault affecting an entire node.
  • drive: A fault affecting an individual drive.
  • cluster: A fault affecting the entire cluster.
  • service: A fault affecting a service on the cluster.
  • volume: A fault affecting an individual volume.