The protectionDomainResiliency object contains the resiliency status of this storage cluster. Resiliency indicates the storage cluster's ability to automatically heal itself from one or more failures all within a single protection domain of its associated protection domain type. A storage cluster is considered healed when it can continue reading and writing data through the failure of any single storage node (a state known as node tolerance).

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
protectionSchemeResiliencies A list of objects (one for each protection scheme) containing failure resiliency information for the associated type of protection domain. protectionSchemeResiliency array
singleFailureThresholdBytesForBlockData The maximum number of bytes that can be stored on the storage cluster before losing the ability to automatically heal to a state of node tolerance. integer
sustainableFailuresForEnsemble The predicted number of simultaneous failures that can occur without losing the ability to automatically heal to a state of node tolerance for the ensemble quorum. integer