The snapMirrorVserver object contains information about the Storage Virtual Machines (or Vservers) at the destination ONTAP cluster.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
snapMirrorEndpointID The ID of the destination ONTAP system. integer
vserverName The name of the Vserver. string
vserverType The type of Vserver. Possible values:
  • data
  • admin
  • system
  • node
vserverSubtype The subtype of the Vserver. Possible values:
  • default
  • dp_destination
  • data
  • sync_source
  • sync_destination
rootVolume The root volume of the Vserver. string
rootVolumeAggregate The aggregate on which the root volume will be created. string
vserverAggregateInfo An array of snapMirrorVserverAggregateInfo objects. JSON object
adminState The detailed administrative state of the Vserver. Possible values:
  • running
  • stopped
  • starting
  • stopping
  • initializing
  • deleting
operationalState The basic operational state of the Vserver. Possible values:
  • running
  • stopped