The bulkVolumeJob object contains information about bulk volume read or write operations, such as cloning or snapshot creation.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
attributes JSON attribute of the bulk volume job. JSON object
bulkVolumeID The internal bulk volume job ID. integer
createTime Timestamp created for the bulk volume job in UTC+0 format. ISO 8601 date string
elapsedTime The number of seconds since the job began. string
format The format of the bulk volume operation. Possible values:
  • compressed
  • native
key The unique key created by the bulk volume session. string
percentComplete The completed percentage reported by the operation. integer
remainingTime The estimated time remaining in seconds. integer
srcVolumeID The source volume ID. integer
status The status of the operation. Possible values:
  • preparing
  • active
  • done
  • failed
script The name of the script if one is provided. string
snapshotID The ID of the snapshot if a snapshot is in the source of the bulk volume job. integer
type The type of bulk operation. Possible values:
  • read
  • write