Cluster pairing order of operations

You must establish a connection between a pair of storage clusters running Element software before remote replication can be used.

Use the following set of API methods to establish a cluster connection:
  • StartClusterPairing:

    This API method creates and returns a pairing key that is used to establish a cluster pair. The key is encoded and contains information that is used to establish communications between clusters. A single cluster can be paired with up to four other clusters. However, a new key must be generated for each cluster pairing. The StartClusterPairing method generates a new key each time the method is called. Use each unique key with the CompleteClusterPairing method to pair each additional cluster.

    Note: For security reasons, the pairing key should not be sent to other users via email. The key contains a user name and password.
  • CompleteClusterPairing:

    This method uses the pairing key created with the StartClusterPairing API method to create a cluster pair. Issue the CompleteClusterPairing API method with the clusterPairingKey parameter to the destination. The origination cluster is the cluster that created the key.