You can use the ResetNode method to reset a node to the factory settings. All data, packages (software upgrades, etc), configurations, and log files are deleted from the node when you call this method. However, network settings for the node are preserved during this operation. Nodes that are participating in a cluster cannot be reset to the factory settings.

Note: SolidFire Enterprise SDS does not support this method. If you use this method on a SolidFire eSDS system, the method will return an error.


The ResetNode API can only be used on nodes that are in an "Available" state. It cannot be used on nodes that are "Active" in a cluster, or in a "Pending" state.

This method clears any customer data that is on the node.

This method has the following input parameters:

Name Description Type Default value Required
build Used to specify the URL to a remote Element software image to which the node will be reset. URL None No
force Set to true to reset the node. boolean None Yes
options Used to enter specifications for running the reset operations. Details are be provided by NetApp Support, if required. JSON object None No

Return values

This method has no return values.

Request example

Requests for this method are similar to the following example:

   "method": "ResetNode",
   "params": {
      "build" : "file:///sf/rtfi/image/filesystem.squashfs",
      "force" : true
   "id" : 1

Response example

This method returns a response similar to the following example:

  "id": null,
  "result": {
    "rtfiInfo": {
      "build": "file:///sf/rtfi/image/filesystem.squashfs",
      "generation": "9",
      "options": {
        "edebug": "",
        "sf_auto": "0",
        "sf_bond_mode": "ActivePassive",
        "sf_check_hardware": "0",
        "sf_disable_otpw": "0",
        "sf_fa_host": "",
        "sf_hostname": "SF-FA18",
        "sf_inplace": "1",
        "sf_inplace_die_action": "kexec",
        "sf_inplace_safe": "0",
        "sf_keep_cluster_config": "0",
        "sf_keep_data": "0",
        "sf_keep_hostname": "0",
        "sf_keep_network_config": "0",
        "sf_keep_paths": "\"/var/log/hardware.xml\"",
        "sf_max_archives": "5",
        "sf_nvram_size": "",
        "sf_oldroot": "",
        "sf_postinst_erase_root_drive": "0",
        "sf_root_drive": "",
        "sf_rtfi_cleanup_state": "",
        "sf_secure_erase": "1",
        "sf_secure_erase_retries": "5",
        "sf_slice_size": "",
        "sf_ssh_key": "1",
        "sf_ssh_root": "1",
        "sf_start_rtfi": "1",
        "sf_status_httpserver": "1",
        "sf_status_httpserver_stop_delay": "5m",
        "sf_status_inject_failure": "",
        "sf_status_json": "0",
        "sf_support_host": "",
        "sf_test_hardware": "0",
        "sf_upgrade": "0",
        "sf_upgrade_firmware": "0",
        "sf_upload_logs_url": ""
      "statusUrlAll": "",
      "statusUrlCurrent": ""

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