The clusterPair object contains information about clusters paired with the local cluster. You can retrieve a list of clusterPair objects for the local cluster with the ListClusterPairs method.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
clusterName The name of the other cluster in the pair. string
clusterPairID A unique ID given to each cluster in the pair. integer
clusterPairUUID The universally unique identifier for the cluster pair. string
UUID Unique identifier for the remote cluster in the cluster pair. integer
latency The latency, in milliseconds, between clusters. integer
mvip The IP address of the management connection for paired clusters. string
status The status of the connection between the paired clusters. Possible values:
  • Unconfigured
  • Connected
  • Misconfigured
  • Disconnected
version The Element version of the other cluster in the pair. string