Configuring the node

After you rack and cable the hardware, you are ready to configure your new storage resource.

Before you begin

You have powered on the node.


  1. Attach a keyboard and monitor to the node.
  2. In the terminal user interface (TUI) that is displayed, configure the network and cluster settings for the node by using the on-screen navigation.
    Note: You must get the IP address of the node from the TUI. You need this when you add the node to a cluster. After you save the settings, the node is in a pending state, and can be added to a cluster. See the NetApp Element Software Setup Guide for configuration instructions.

  3. Configure out-of-band management using the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC).
    This steps applies only to H610S nodes.
    1. Use a web browser and navigate to the default BMC IP address:
    2. Log in using the following default credentials:
      • User name: root
      • Password: calvin
    3. From the node management screen, navigate to Settings > Network Settings , and configure the network parameters for the out-of-band management port.