Use Element 12.2 APIs on SolidFire eSDS clusters

Several new APIs have been introduced in Element 12.2 that you can use on SolidFire eSDS clusters.

For a comprehensive look at all the Element 12.2 APIs, see Element 12.2 API Reference.

Here is a list of new APIs in Element 12.2:
The following APIs have been updated to support SolidFire eSDS clusters:
  • AddNodes
  • CreateCluster
    Note: New parameters, OrderNumber, SerialNumber, and enableSoftwareEncryptionAtRest have been added to the CreateCluster method in Element software 12.2. You must specify these parameters while using this API method for creating a cluster after you install SolidFire eSDS.
The following APIs are not supported on SolidFire eSDS clusters:
  • ListClusterInterfacePreferences
  • ListNodeStats
  • DisableSsh
  • DisableClusterSsh
  • EnableClusterSsh
  • EnableSsh
  • GetIpmiConfig
  • GetIpmiInfo
  • GetSshInfo
  • ListNetworkInterfaces
  • ResetNode
  • RestartNetworking
  • ResetNetworkConfig
  • SetConfig
  • SetNetworkConfig
  • DisableBmcColdReset
  • EnableBmcColdReset
  • SetNtpInfo
  • TestAddressAvailability

For more information and content related to managing storage using the Element UI and APIs, and Element Plug-in for vCenter Server, see SolidFire and Element 12.2 Documentation Center.