Replacing drives for SolidFire storage nodes

You can hot-swap a failed solid-state drive (SSD) with a replacement drive.

Before you begin

About this task

The instructions in this document apply to the following SolidFire storage node models:
  • SF2405
  • SF3010
  • SF4805
  • SF6010
  • SF9605
  • SF9608
  • SF9010
  • SF19210
  • SF38410
The following figure shows the placement of the drives in an SF9605 chassis:
This figure shows the drives in the SolidFire chassis.
Note: The above figure is an example. SF9608 has a different drive layout that includes only eight drives that are numbered one through eight, from left to right.
Slot 0 holds the metadata drive for the node. If you are replacing the drive in slot 0, you must attach the sticker included in the shipping box on the replacement drive, so that you can identify it separately from the rest. SF3010 is an exception, because metadata is kept on the internal serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) dual inline memory module (DIMM).