Replacing failed drives from the chassis

After you remove a failed drive from the failed drive list in the Element user interface (UI), you are ready to physically replace the failed drive from the chassis.

Before you begin


  1. Unpack the replacement drive, and place it on a flat, static-free surface near the rack.
    Save the packing materials for when you return the failed drive to NetApp.
  2. Match the slot number of the failed drive from the Element UI with the number on the chassis.
    The following figure is an example to show the numbering of the drive slots:
    This figure shows the drive numbering for SolidFire storage nodes.
    Drive slot numbers
  3. Press the red circle on the drive you want to remove to release the drive.
    The latch clicks open.
  4. Slide the drive out of the chassis, and place it on a static-free, level surface.
  5. Press the red circle on the replacement drive before you slide it into the slot.
  6. Insert the replacement drive, and press the red circle to close the latch.
  7. Notify NetApp Support about the drive replacement.
    NetApp Support will provide instructions for returning the failed drive.