Group snapshot details

The Group Snapshots page on the Data Protection tab provides information about the group snapshots.

The system-generated ID for the group snapshot.
The unique ID of the group snapshot.
User-defined name for the group snapshot.
Create Time
The time at which the group snapshot was created.
The current status of the snapshot. Possible values:
  • Preparing: The snapshot is being prepared for use and is not yet writable.
  • Done: This snapshot has finished preparation and is now usable.
  • Active: The snapshot is the active branch.
# Volumes
The number of volumes in the group.
Retain Until
The day and time the snapshot will be deleted.
Remote Replication
Indication of whether or not the snapshot is enabled for replication to a remote SolidFire cluster. Possible values:
  • Enabled: The snapshot is enabled for remote replication.
  • Disabled: The snapshot is not enabled for remote replication.