Data protection

NetApp Element software enables you to protect your data in a variety of ways with capabilities such as snapshots for individual volumes or groups of volumes, replication between clusters and volumes running on Element, and replication to ONTAP systems.


Snapshot-only data protection replicates changed data at specific points of time to a remote cluster. Only those snapshots that are created on the source cluster are replicated. Active writes from the source volume are not.

Replication between clusters and volumes running on Element

You can replicate volume data synchronously or asynchronously from either cluster in a cluster pair both running on running on Element for failover and failback scenarios.

Replication between Element and ONTAP clusters using SnapMirror technology

With NetApp SnapMirror technology, you can replicate snapshots that were taken using Element to ONTAP for disaster recovery purposes. In a SnapMirror relationship, Element is one endpoint and ONTAP is the other.