Snapshot schedule details

On the Data Protection > Schedules page, you can view the following information in the list of snapshot schedules.

The system-generated ID for the snapshot.
The type of schedule. Snapshot is currently the only type supported.
The name given to the schedule when it was created. Snapshot schedule names can be up to 223 characters in length and contain a-z, 0-9, and dash (-) characters.
The frequency at which the schedule is run. The frequency can be set in hours and minutes, weeks, or months.
Indication of whether the schedule is to run only once or at regular intervals.
Manually Paused
Indication of whether or not the schedule has been manually paused.
Volume IDs
The ID of the volume the schedule will use when the schedule is run.
Last Run
The last time the schedule was run.
Last Run Status
The outcome of the last schedule execution. Possible values:
  • Success
  • Failure