Configuring the storage node using the per-node UI

You can configure nodes using the per-node user interface.

About this task


  1. In a browser window, enter the DHCP IP address of a node.
    You must add the extension :442 to access the node; for example,
    The Network Settings tab opens with the Bond1G section.
  2. Enter the 1G management network settings.
  3. Click Apply Changes.
  4. Click Bond10G to display the 10G storage network settings.
  5. Enter the 10G storage network settings.
  6. Click Apply Changes.
  7. Click Cluster Settings.
  8. Enter the hostname for the 10G network.
  9. Enter the cluster name.
    Important: This name must be added to the configuration for all nodes before a cluster can be created. All the nodes in a cluster must have identical cluster names. Cluster names are case-sensitive.
  10. Click Apply Changes.