Adding SnapMirror labels to snapshots

SnapMirror labels specify the snapshot retention policy on the SnapMirror endpoint. You can add labels to snapshots and group snapshots.

Before you begin

  • SnapMirror is enabled on the cluster.
  • The label you want to add already exists in ONTAP.

About this task

You can view available labels from an existing SnapMirror relationship dialog box or the NetApp ONTAP System Manager.
Attention: When adding a label to a group snapshot, any existing labels to individual snapshots are overwritten.


  1. Click Data Protection > Snapshots or Group Snapshots page.
  2. Click the Actions icon for the snapshot or group snapshot you want to add a SnapMirror label to.
  3. In the Edit Snapshot dialog box, enter text in the SnapMirror Label field. The label must match a rule label in the policy applied to the SnapMirror relationship.
  4. Click Save Changes.