Performing a failover from an Element cluster

You can perform a failover from the Element cluster to make the destination volume read/write and accessible to hosts on the destination side. Before you perform a failover from the Element cluster, you must break the SnapMirror relationship.

Before you begin

About this task

Use the NetApp Element UI to perform the failover. If the Element UI is not available, you can also use ONTAP System Manager or ONTAP CLI to issue the break relationship command.


  1. In the Element UI, click Data Protection > SnapMirror Relationships.
  2. Find the relationship with the source volume that you want to failover.
  3. Click the Actions icon of this relationship.
  4. Click Break.
  5. Confirm the action.

    The volume on the destination cluster now has read-write access and can be mounted to the application hosts to resume production workloads. All SnapMirror replication is halted as a result of this action. The relationship shows a state of broken-off.