Purging a volume

When a volume is purged, it is permanently removed from the system. All data in the volume is lost.

About this task

The system automatically purges deleted volumes eight hours after deletion. However, if you want to purge a volume before the scheduled time, you can do so.


  1. Select Management > Volumes.
  2. Click the Deleted button.
  3. Perform the steps to purge a single volume or multiple volumes.
    Option Steps
    Purge a single volume
    1. Click the Actions icon for the volume you want to purge.
    2. Click Purge.
    3. Confirm the action.
    Purge multiple volumes
    1. Select the volumes you want to purge.
    2. Click Bulk Actions.
    3. In the resulting menu, select Purge.
    4. Confirm the action.