Cloning multiple volumes

You can create multiple volume clones in a single operation to create a point-in-time copy of the data on a group of volumes.

About this task

When you clone a volume, the system creates a snapshot of the volume and then creates a new volume from the data in the snapshot. You can mount and write to the new volume clone. Cloning multiple volumes is an asynchronous process and takes a variable amount of time depending on the size and number of the volumes being cloned.

Volume size and current cluster load affect the time needed to complete a cloning operation.


  1. Click Management > Volumes.
  2. Click the Active tab.
  3. Use the check boxes to select multiple volumes, creating a group of volumes.
  4. Click Bulk Actions.
  5. Click Clone in the resulting menu.
  6. Enter a New Volume Name Prefix in the Clone Multiple Volumes dialog box.
    The prefix is applied to all volumes in the group.
  7. Optional: Select a different account to which the clone will belong.
    If you do not select an account, the system assigns the new volumes to the current volume account.
  8. Optional: Select a different access method for the volumes in the clone.
    If you do not select an access method, the system uses the current volume access.
  9. Click Start Cloning.