Creating a group snapshot

You can create a snapshot of a group of volumes, and you can also create a group snapshot schedule to automate group snapshots. A single group snapshot can consistently snapshot up to 32 volumes at one time.


  1. Click Management > Volumes.
  2. Use the check boxes to select multiple volumes for a group of volumes.
  3. Click Bulk Actions.
  4. Click Group Snapshot.
  5. Enter a new group snapshot name in the Create Group Snapshot of Volumes dialog box.
  6. Optional: Select the Include Each Group Snapshot Member in Replication When Paired check box to ensure that each snapshot is captured in replication when the parent volume is paired.
  7. Select a retention option for the group snapshot:
    • Click Keep Forever to retain the snapshot on the system indefinitely.
    • Click Set Retention Period and use the date spin boxes to choose a length of time for the system to retain the snapshot.
  8. To take a single, immediate snapshot, perform the following steps:
    1. Click Take Group Snapshot Now.
    2. Click Create Group Snapshot.
  9. To schedule the snapshot to run at a future time, perform the following steps:
    1. Click Create Group Snapshot Schedule.
    2. Enter a New Schedule Name.
    3. Select a Schedule Type from the list.
    4. Optional: Select the Recurring Schedule check box to repeat the scheduled snapshot periodically.
    5. Click Create Schedule.