Basic MDSS drive troubleshooting

You can recover metadata (or slice) drives by adding them back to the cluster in the event that one or both metadata drives fail. You can perform the recovery operation in the NetApp Element UI if the MDSS feature is already enabled on the node.

If either or both of the metadata drives in a node experiences a failure, the slice service will shut down and data from both drives will be backed up to different drives in the node.

The following scenarios outline possible failure scenarios, and provide basic recommendations to correct the issue:

System slice drive fails

  • In this scenario, the slot 2 is verified and returned to an available state.
  • The system slice drive must be repopulated before the slice service can be brought back online.
  • You should replace the system slice drive, when the system slice drive becomes available, add the drive and the slot 2 drive at the same time.
Note: You cannot add the drive in slot 2 by itself as a metadata drive. You must add both drives back to the node at the same time.

Slot 2 fails

System slice drive and slot 2 fails

Order of operations

Verify operations