Accessing and using the API

You can access the NAS Bridge management API using the Swagger user interface on a web browser, or you can use a programming language or other command-line tool.

About this task

You can use either of the following methods to access the NAS Bridge management API:
  • You can use the Swagger web page from a NAS Bridge node. The API calls are organized on the page according to resource type and displayed in a consistent format. This method for accessing the API is described in this document. Using this method requires that you understand how to interpret the API documentation on the Swagger page and how to issue API calls.
  • You can use a programming language or other command-line tool, such as Python. By accessing the management API programmatically, you can gain a deeper understanding of the API. This document does not describe this method for accessing the API.
    Note: While there are many options when choosing a programming language or tool to access the management API, Python is a widely available scripting language. In many cases, you can easily integrate Python scripts into the automation processes typically used in most IT environments.