Viewing IP addresses

You can view the IP address for each grid node that makes up your StorageGRID Webscale system. You can then use this IP address to log into the grid node at the command line and perform various maintenance procedures.

Before you begin

You must be signed in to the Grid Management Interface using a supported browser.

About this task

For information on changing IP addresses, see the Recovery and Maintenance Guide.


  1. Select Grid.
  2. Select SSM > Resources.
  3. From the Grid Options menu, click Overview.
    IP addresses are listed in the Network Addresses table.

    Example network addresses

    For VM-based grid nodes, the IP address assigned to eth0 is the node's Grid Network IP address. For StorageGRID Webscale appliance Storage Nodes, the IP address assigned to hic2 and hic4 is the node's Grid Network IP address.

    The Network Addresses table displays link-local IPv6 addresses beginning with fe80::, which are automatically assigned by Linux.