HTSC: HTTP Session Close

When a client finishes communicating with a remote host and closes the previously established HTTP session, this message is issued.

Code Field Description
HSID Session Identifier The unique identifier assigned to the HTTP session established to the node.
RSLT Result Code Why the session was closed:

SUCS: session closed normally, without errors

TOUT: timed-out by the node, due to inactivity

ERRC: lost the connection over which the session was established

ERRT: session terminated due to an error occurring on a transaction

AUTH: session terminated due to a failed transaction authorization

GERR: a general error occurred, causing the session to close

“HTTP Session Close” always corresponds with a previously issued “HTTP Session Establish” message.

This message should be monitored to determine if there are any repetitive or excessive problems in attempting to establish a session. This can indicate potential communications or interoperability problems related to a client or server.