Troubleshooting decommissioning

If the decommissioning process stops due to an error, you can take specific steps to troubleshoot the problem.

Before you begin

You must be signed in to the Grid Management Interface using a supported browser.


  1. Select Grid.
  2. In the Grid Topology tree, expand the Storage Node entries, and verify that the required DDS and LDR services are online.

    If you shut down the grid node being decommissioned, the task stops until the grid node is restarted. The grid node must be online.

    To perform Storage Node decommissioning, a majority of the StorageGRID Webscale system’s DDS services (hosted by Storage Nodes) must be online. This is a requirement of the ILM reevaluation.

  3. Check the status of the grid task.
    1. Select primary Admin Node > CMN > Grid Tasks > Overview, and check status of the decommissioning grid task.
    2. If the status indicated a problem with saving grid task bundles, select primary Admin Node > CMN > Events > Overview, and check the number of Available Audit Relays.

      If the attribute Available Audit Relay is one or greater, the CMN service is connected to at least one ADC service. ADC services act as Audit Relays.

      The CMN service must be connected to at least one ADC service and a majority (50 percent plus one) of the StorageGRID Webscale system’s ADC services must be available in order for a grid task to move from one stage of decommissioning to another and finish. If the CMN service is not connected to enough ADC services, ensure that Storage Nodes are online, and check network connectivity between the primary Admin Node and Storage Nodes.