Prerequisites and preparations for decommissioning

Before you begin the decommissioning procedure, you must confirm that all grid nodes to be decommissioned are online and that there are no alarms (all grid nodes are green).

You should ensure you have all of the required materials for decommissioning.
Item Notes
Provisioning passphrase The passphrase is created and documented when the StorageGRID Webscale system is first installed. The provisioning passphrase is not in the Passwords.txt file.
Recovery Package .zip file
Obtain a copy of the most recent Recovery Package .zip file (
  • The contents of the .zip file are updated each time the system is modified.
  • Download the Recovery Package from the StorageGRID Webscale system (Select Maintenance > Recovery Package.) on the primary Admin Node.
Passwords.txt file Contains the passwords required to access grid nodes on the command line. Included in the Recovery package.
Description of StorageGRID Webscale system’s topology before decommissioning The system’s topology is documented in StorageGRID Webscale system-specific documentation as part of the original process of commissioning the StorageGRID Webscale system. Updated documentation might have been created if the system has undergone changes since it was first commissioned.
Description of StorageGRID Webscale topology after decommissioning You should create a complete, updated description of the final configuration of the StorageGRID Webscale system in system specific documentation before beginning the decommissioning procedure.
Service laptop The service laptop must have the following:
  • Network port
  • Supported browser
  • SSH client (for example, PuTTY)